Leadership & Culture

When outstanding leadership is present in a sales organization, the entire salesforce can feel it. With great leadership, culture isn’t forced, it is developed through clear and frequent communication. Everyone in the sales organization with strong leadership & culture understands the mission and how they fit into it.

A few key questions we ask in assessing your leadership & culture are:

  • Is sales leadership clear on their role in alignment to company strategy?
  • Is your salesforce able to clearly articulate your mission, values and goals?

Go-to-Market & Organization Models

“One size does not fit all” in go-to-market or organization model design. The process your target buyers use to purchase from you should be your guide in designing the most effective sales channels, type and mix of selling roles, and internal organization structure.

A few key questions we ask in assessing your go-to-market and organization model design are:

  • Will your product and service offerings be sold by a field sales, inside sales, online sales or indirect channel partner sales team?
  • Is your organization structure inhibiting your ability to make decisions at
    “customer speed”?

Segmentation, Coverage, & Account Planning

Segmentation is an integral component to the account & territory planning process. When managers are drawing the lines, market segments are just as important as geographical areas. Without segmentation, sales reps will naturally gravitate towards one of two extremes. They tend to chase the largest opportunities with the fewest accounts or the smallest opportunities with the quickest turn-around time. There is obviously a major problem with this…everything in-between gets lost.

A few key questions we ask to assess the success of your segmentation, coverage and account planning strategy are:

  • Do you tier and cover customers based on future value or past value?
  • Are your non-sales resources aligned effectively to support the sales effort?


While the term transformation can mean many things, we define it in the most literal sense: a cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of your business, with a commitment to produce game-changing results. We help you reinvent the core operating model of today and create tomorrow’s core business. True transformation, if reached, results in completely different measures of success than are measured today.

A few key questions we ask to stimulate thinking about transformation are:

  • Are you looking for an incremental change or a transformational change?
  • Is your organization prepared for significant change?

Talent Management

Whether your challenges are finding the right sales hires, ramping up new hires, retaining top talent, or developing the middle performers, we can accelerate your success. We bring a talent toolkit for managers and individual sales people that was designed “for sales by sales”. Our offering has a twenty five year history of innovation, with over 11,000 companies and 700,000 sales participants served.

A few key questions we ask to assess the effectiveness of your hiring, on boarding, and training programs are:

  • Do you only hire candidates that exhibit or are capable of learning the behaviors that determine success against your strategy?
  • Do you analyze top performer behaviors to build competency models for each sales role?


Sales compensation is used to align a company’s salesforce with its business strategy and goals. Therefore, it holds the key to motivating the ideal behaviors, which ensures that the company will realize its goals through a well-executed sales strategy.

A few key questions we ask to assess if your sales compensation plans are effective:

  • Are your sales compensation plans easy to understand?
  • Does the upside pay for overachievement drive the right behavior?

Sales Tools, Systems & Processes

Sales teams have a countless number of daily responsibilities, ranging from lead discovery to closing deals. The tools, systems, and processes your sales team exploits can give your company a competitive edge if designed and implemented well.

A few key questions we ask to assess the effectiveness of your sales tools, systems and processes are:

  • Do you know how much time your salespeople spend with customers and what inhibits them from spending more time with customers?
  • Do you have a sales process that aligns to how your customers buy from you?


Accurate and usable sales analytics make many things possible … from coaching sales reps to evolving corporate strategy. Analytics mastery is truly at the heart of running a world class sales organization. We think of each metric as an “investment”, having a cost (sometimes big & hidden) as well as a return if used correctly.

A few key questions we ask to assess your analytics are:

  • Have you identified and do you systemically report those underlying metrics that drive business success and not just the main output … revenue?
  • Do you have enough open opportunities to close new business and did this number increase in line with your projections that you used to set quota?